Curated Marketing

"We showcase your home as its own luxury brand, maximizing  visibility and value."

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Telling the Story, Creating a Brand for Your Home

Two keys to marketing your home are 1) "Telling the Story..." and 2) Positioning your home as its own luxury brand. Nelson Luxury commits more marketing attention, resources, and curated premium quality than any other team. Others agents often attempt to model after our innovations of sophisticated twilight photography, literary storytelling, metaphoric titles, and cinematic narrations. But it's only our bespoke touch, standing behind the lens, delving into the provenance of each home, and truly "telling the story" that differentiates our clients' success. This is the essence of our curated marketing approach. Think of it as a "farm to table" meal presided by a sommelier, compared to other agents' fast food! And the difference: the best optics in the marketplace, highest price per sq. ft., new neighborhood records established, and lower days on market. 

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Strategic Preparation and Staging for Success

Strategic preparation of the home can be the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, to your bottom line. What's the best paint color to highlight your architecture? What is the best return on investment enhancement without getting carried away? These are aspects we master on a daily basis, taking away the stress and uncertainty to propel your aesthetic. Our process is bespoke and hands-on, meaning we will orchestrate the preparation period as your personal project managers. When it's time to stage, the property is a pure canvas ready for the final expression.

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Negotiating: Sealing the Deal

Negotiating your transaction to a successful close demands skill, patience, intuition, and the experience to communicate decisively under pressure. Because the negotiating period can be stressful, you need a calm, focused communicator on your side with a reputation for success, and a reputation for working professionally with other agents. The Nelson reputation for success enhances negotiations from start to finish...from our extensive experience in multiple offer situations for both sellers and buyers, to our intuitive grasp of the "psychology of the deal," our track record will be your advantage.


Work With Us

A combined 40 year track record with unrivaled reputation. We are ranked as one of the top small teams in all of Northern California. Our results "define the market," setting new benchmarks for sellers, while out-performing the competition to secure victories for our buyers.