The Legendary Estate Air of Woodside, CA

In the same breath as Atherton, Hillsborough, and Los Altos Hills, the Town of Woodside takes its place as one of the Bay Area’s ultimate estate communities. But Woodside is really a world unto itself, evolved from its 1800s logging roots, to host grand multi-acre estates in a rustic ambiance. The sun-blessed climate and large parcels (typically 3-acre+) deliver a country feeling where it is not uncommon for a Lamborghini to be alongside horseback riders. The corridor along Mountain Home Road and Manzanita is famous as the creme de la creme of estate locations, home to many technologies and business titans. Extending up into the mountains, you will find wondrous hideaways ensconced by mighty Redwoods. Robert’s Market and Buck’s Restaurant comprise mainstays at the small village-style center of Town. A large percentage of Woodside’s sales fall between the $4,000,000 - $10,000,000 range, but examples in the $15M range and $20M+ range occur every year both on the market and off the market. The average price per sq. ft. for the 64 sales reported to MLS in 2018 was $1,176.
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